Sep. 5th, 2011


Sep. 5th, 2011 09:28 pm
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So in my dream I was having a BBQ over at my grandmothers.

I was walking over there and a shadow enveloped me on the ground. I looked up and high overhead keeping pace with me was a Bald Eagle. It swooped around as I started worrying about where my cats were, since they had been walking with me. I ran to where it had grabbed about 5-7 pigeons.

I was at the BBQ then somehow. The meat was cooking and smelling so delicious when another large shadow passed over the backyard. Suddenly there was a slightly larger than Kestrel sized ..prey bird. It looked like an amalgam of a Red shoulder, a buzzard, a kestrel. It was light enough that the thermals of the tiny round grill were keeping it at bay. I knew if it grabbed the cooking meat it would be severely hurt. Since I didn't have a glove I had to take my chances.

Grabbing a gobbit of meat in my right hand I held my left out to it saying "hawk" "hawk" slowly and quietly over and over when a breeze blew it into a tree. Walking slowly and carefully over to it I held my left hand up and tapped my forearm with the right, slipping the meat into my left fist. It turned it's head to the left and then floated down and perched on me. It ate the meat, which is when I realized this hawk had teeth.

Since I'd never held this type of hawk I was unaware of what sort of personality it might have. It kept rubbing it's head against my cheek and I kept moving because I didn't want his teeth (I know right?) to grab my earlobe.

I then woke up. Yes, I was holding my left arm up like it had a hawk on it.


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