Oct. 2nd, 2011

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You know I've been watching a wreck for a few years and I've noticed a trend.

There is only so many times that I can watch a wreck before I stop feeling horror and sadness. Then it starts to be funny. If it continues, it ceases to be funny and then I reach a point where I just don't give a damn.
The next stage I've found past that barrier, anger. I just get angry knowing the wreck is going to continue and there's nothing they will do to stop the fucking crash.
After that I just get pissed wondering why they won't take themselves out of the situation.

If the same thing keeps happening over and over and over and the only consistent part of the equation is YOU. Listen to the universe and the lesson it's trying to drill into your thick fucking head.

I love my family I really do, but odds bodkins..
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It didn't happen.

I woke up Sunday morning, went over to the other house and did about 3 hours of yardwork. We texted each other; however, we had not set a time to meet at the zoo. Got home at 11am, around noon I fell asleep and woke up at 3pm.

We've exchanged over 2K text messages in the last 2 weeks. 2K...a person who hated texting, like me, has been texting like a madman.

Anyway, yesterday while we were performing at Rose States Global Oklahoma, I got a text saying "Hey I find myself kidless tonight, come hell or high water let's do something."

First thing I did was set a time and place. :D (Look I learned.)

So we met for dinner, for the first time. It was good. Her wingman kept overly texting her IMO and IHO. So she ignored him.

We might end up going to a movie or some sort of shared activity today.


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