Nov. 11th, 2011

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Today a text came in from her.

Her: "Hey I'm free tonight after 7:30."

Me: "Oh? So what will you be doing then?"

Her: "Well I was hoping we'd go out to dinner."

Me: "I'm sorry, but I've already had plans made for this evening."

Her: "You were free a week ago."

Me: "That was a week ago."

Her: "Oh. Okay then."


Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

**Edit at 6:35pm**

The drama begins.

On the way home she texted me that her roomie has kicked her and her daughter out of the house. She did find a place for her daughter to stay the night. I suggested she get a motel room. Not out of the hardness of my heart, but one should always have enough cash on hand for a hotel stay somewhere. (You never know when your house will be unable to be occupied for a night.)

Few points.
1. Her and her roommate both live with the RM's parents.
2. The RM's parents aren't currently home.
3. She doesn't pay rent.

Therefore, she has no legal recourse to stand on if he decides to kick her out for more than one night. I suppose child endangerment might come into it somehow, but I'm unclear on squatters rights in that regard in this state.


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